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Dealer related requirements
1. Values ??of integrity, good business channels and connections;
2. There is a relatively complete marketing team, and is willing to make a big market together with Hengyilong;
3. It can accept the unified management of Hengyilong to ensure the consistency of objectives;
4. Willing to invest energy and operation and maintenance costs in customer service and marketing.

Company offers agency preferential policies
1. Authorized distribution: Licensed dealers sell products in authorized areas or authorized channels;
2, free training: provide comprehensive marketing and technical training guidance to the franchisees;
3. Reward reward: complete the sales task at the stage, and reward the rebate according to the relevant incentive policy;
4. Technical support: assist Party B in design engineering projects and comprehensive technical consulting services during the support period;
5, product support: provide product "qualification certificate" and a copy of the relevant certificate and authorization;
6. Qualification support: Provide certificate of installation qualification and relevant copy;
7. Logistics support: Provide free logistics to the warehouse under the conditions of the baseline shipment.

Investment process
1. Contact us via online message and hotline!
2. The Hengyilong investment personnel will be able to communicate with you and confirm the relevant cooperation qualifications;
Such as: the legal representative or the person in charge of the identity card, if it is a company, you need to prepare a copy of the business license, tax registration certificate and organization code certificate;
3. After the relevant review is passed, your unit is invited to visit our factory for inspection;
4. The two parties signed a cooperation agreement;
5. Relevant guidance training;
6. Formally cooperate and develop business.
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