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What kind of roof is suitable for installing photovoltaic power station

As the country's support policies for photovoltaic power generation have become more and more perfect, the roof construction station has ushered in a wave of installation booms. The people have effectively utilized the roof idle resources and sold the remaining electricity to the national grid on the premise of meeting their own electricity demand. The electricity bill has also increased the income, and it has also implemented energy conservation and environmental protection.
But please pay attention! Not everyone, all roofs are suitable for installing photovoltaic power plants. Today we will talk about the conditions that are suitable for construction and which are not suitable for PV power plants.
These families are suitable for building photovoltaic power plants
1, users with more electricity
Refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers, air conditioners... The modern family basically cannot lack these big items. When the summer arrives, the electricity bill is definitely not a small amount. Therefore, users with a large amount of electricity are suitable to install photovoltaic power plants.
2, there is a clear roof or roof property rights
The construction of a home photovoltaic power station requires proof of property rights of the house, and the home photovoltaic power station is built on the roof. Therefore, the family who wants to build a photovoltaic power station must have an independent roof, or the roof property rights are clear and clear. Therefore, rural areas with independent roofs are more suitable for installation, and citizens in the city are often subject to the inability to install without a separate roof.
3, the roof is in good condition
For example, there is no occlusion before and after, the roof has enough load bearing capacity, and the house is relatively new.
4, have a certain economic strength
Why do you say that? Because the initial investment cost of photovoltaic power plants is relatively high, there is no certain economic strength. At this stage, it is a trend to build photovoltaic power plants in rural areas. This trend is based on policy support and the user's own conditions. With the emergence of photovoltaic poverty alleviation in the countryside, it has truly brought vital benefits to the people and benefited the people.
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