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How to configure household photovoltaic power generation

Domestic photovoltaic power generation actually includes six parts, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic inverters, brackets, controllers, cables, lightning protection and grounding.
Many people don't know how much PV power plant should be installed in a home. In fact, the installed capacity of home photovoltaic power generation is designed according to the daily power consumption of a household. For example, the average annual electricity consumption of a household is about 5,000 kWh. According to the lighting conditions, the household photovoltaic power station should be set at around 7 kW. A 7 KW household photovoltaic power generation with an annual power generation of about 7700 degrees uses spontaneous self-use. Internet access mode, one year revenue = 7700X0.42+5000X0.55+2700X0.378=7004 yuan, if a household has an average annual electricity consumption of 7000 kWh, the benefit = 7700X0.42+7000X0.55+700X0.378 =7348 yuan, I believe that after reading the above calculations, I can see at a glance.
In fact, household photovoltaic power generation, if the power consumption is large, the income is relatively high, which is why the factory installs large-scale photovoltaic power plants. One is that the industrial electricity consumption is large, and the other is that the industrial electricity consumption is twice as expensive as the residential electricity consumption. More, so when you choose a large PV power plant, you need to carefully consider it.
The initial investment of household photovoltaic power generation is about tens of thousands of yuan. The cost of recovering high subsidies is 5-6 years. The period of cost recovery will be longer in the low subsidy area. Therefore, customers should understand these actual conditions before installation and cannot install blindly. 
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